Double Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes: Betty Crocker Hack


Oh man y’all. I  think maybe in the Summer I should just automatically Henna my forehead to say “Out of commission. Too tired to function.” Summer for most people is usually a time for relaxation and recuperation – uh that is not the reality in the world of aviation. Summer is peak travel season for the rest of the world, which means it’s peak travel season for us too, only enhanced by like a thousand. By the end, I usually feel as worn out as my raggedy old suitcase looks, with its wheels half falling off and a broken zipper. I am starting to get to that point now, just a state of perpetual exhaustion… waiting slightly impatiently for fall to usher in not only our beloved pumpkin spice but a much-needed break from my 24 – 7 “catch me if you can” (you can’t by the way) lifestyle. I just recently got a break for 24 hours and I felt like an actual queen. I was like what is this!? Some time to actually breathe and smell the roses. I didn’t have much time to smell the roses though, because I was getting some company at my house. My Aunt and my Uncle were coming through to pit stop on their way to Florida, and my Aunt had just turned the big 60. She would probably kill me if she knew that I said that aloud! I had this plan that I was going to surprise her with some treats and a little gift, but by the time I had gotten the house quick cleaned and sparkling, my time for treats was dwindling to a mere 2 hours. So I pulled out a little hack that I have been sitting on like an unhatched egg since high school. You are so welcome for that visual. My famous Double Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes, the easiest, most impressive Betty Crocker Hack you will find on the world wide web. (more…)

The Only Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe you will Ever Need

Inflightandfabulous.comSo it’s no secret that I love Banana Bread, and you know anything with a significant calorie count really… We waste so much food in our house because we travel so much it tends to put me in a bad mood, but we never waste bananas. They can be black as my soul – sitting there on the counter, and I will still use them. I think the reason for that is that I found the very best banana bread recipe EVER, and never will I ever leave a blackened banana behind again. So I was scrolling through my Pinterest one day and I came across a banana bread recipe from, and I knew I had found it – the best of the best. This recipe only uses staple ingredients, so you will probably have most of them already in your pantry, and it results in some of the tastiest banana bread you could ask for! Not to mention it smells the whole house up with warm banana goodness. What more could you really ask for? (more…)