Oh… The Places You’ll Go

6 Reasons to Skip the Hotel and go Straight to your Local BNB

In college I went to school in horse country in Kentucky, and I would always drive past this little bed and breakfast to get to school. They were everywhere in Georgetown, but I never stayed in one. Granted, I was a broke college student who could barely afford a chick fil a sandwich, much less spend a night in any kind of hotel or bed and breakfast. I would always drive past that little place and wonder about the people who were staying there. I imagined they were probably very old, very rich and had a whole lot of extra time on their hands. One thing I never imagined was that one day I would trip and fall totally in love with everything Bnb. (more…)

When in Maine.

So I have always had this mental list of things that I want to do and experience, and places that I want to go. Some of the things are big, some of them small, and some are just downright strange. I want to learn to box, I want to successfully make a batch of macaroons, I want to order a pizza and eat it under the stars while camping in Zion National Park… and on and on. Maine has always been on my list. Don’t ask me why, because there is no rhyme or reason what my little heart gravitates towards. It’s just always been there, sitting in the back of my mental list, waiting to be pulled out of the magic hat and put into action. (more…)

When Life Gives you Limes.

I have not written a single thing in months. I don’t know if I have had major writer’s block or if I was just about on the verge of giving up on this little blog of mine, but nothing has made me feel inspired. I just didn’t feel like writing, and when I did write it was usually so personal I couldn’t bring myself to share it. Until yesterday when I got on the van to go to the airport in San Diego, and I suddenly felt like I finally had something to tell. (more…)

Viva Mexico: Cancun

Well, first things first to all you Babes and Beaus out there: Happy 2018!!! We officially made it through another year y’all! For me, 2017 was a good year. It was a rollercoaster year that’s for sure. I had many ups and many downs, both in my life and LITERALLY. This was my third year as a flight attendant, and if I am truly honest I can’t even count the number of times I have been on an airplane. It all seems very glamorous and exciting from the outside looking in, I know that. Many times though it is not… many times it can be quite the opposite. But… there are moments that I love. Moments so incredible that they erase all the unglamorous, all the long hours, all the sleepless nights. (more…)

Sisters in Seattle: The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

My sister is technically my “husband” right now. Not legally of course 😉 One of the many perks of working for an airline is the crazy good flight benefits, and I get to have one person who basically gets all the same perks as I do… My little love bug (Kristin). I try to rotate it between all of my favorite people, and this year it was Kristin’s turn. I told her at the beginning, “Kristin, this is like the golden ticket. You have to use it. If you are going to be on my passes I have one rule: We are going to take two FOR SURE trips. You can pick one and I can pick one.” (more…)

That Mardi Gras Madness..

They say you are never prepared for your first Mardi Gras, and I would say that there was never a truer statement in the universe. New Orleans is on a whole other level on a normal day. It’s one of those cities that leaves you breathless with excitement. Music drifts through the streets, the smell of fresh beignets lingers in the air, and mystery is around every corner. It really is an amazing place, but during Mardi Gras it’s another planet. (more…)

Living in Color: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

I had some doubts about whether I would write this post at all. Some things are just too incredible to capture in any other way except through actually experiencing them in person, and this trip was one of them. We have been trying to have a girl’s trip for a couple months now, but you can imagine getting five flight attendants together at the same time can prove to be quite the challenge. Finally… we managed to take the puzzle pieces of our schedules and mash them together into what resembled a two-day trip to Albuquerque. (more…)

About that Chicago.

There are times when I really don’t like my job. Like last night.. When I spent hours upon hours in the Chicago airport due to weather delays. Some days it’s like you are consistently getting kicked in the pants. Our flight was due out at 8:00pm and we didn’t take off until 2:00 in the morning. The kicker wasn’t even the delay (well it was a little bit 😳)… The kicker would be the hundred and seventy passengers who got on the plane looking like I just kicked their puppy. (more…)

Oh those Puerto Rican nights…

Every once as a flight attendant you get called for what I like to call a “golden” trip, which is like a “I really get paid money for this!!?” kind of trip. Last week, my two best friends and I got called for one of these trips, and the best part – we got called together!! The odds of this happening are very very slim. There are thousands of flight attendants based in the city where we work, so we literally hit the equivalent of a Las Vegas jackpot. (more…)