UnHinged: Is Swiping Right Really the Answer to Modern Dating?

“It’s the only way to really find someone…” “ I met my husband on Tinder, he owns a Tesla, brought to life a startup tech company at the age of fifteen, and he is CPR certified.” “We swiped right to finding love.” “It really ISN’T just for hookups.”
We have all heard them. All of the glorious reviews of dating apps that lead unsuspecting young minds to the land of online dating in hopes of meeting their own elusive unicorn of a partner. But does it really work? That is the million dollar question that we all need answered.


7 Things you Should be doing Right Now if you are Single and Twenty Something.

Y’all, first let me say what a blessing it is to have time in your life while you are completely unattached. There are benefits to marriage and finding your person for sure… cough cough can anyone say split income ☝🏻? But that sweet spot beforehand??? A lot of people take that for granted, and I personally think it’s one of the most important times in your life because you are cultivating THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in your LIFE. That would be you sweet cheeks. And I am here to tell you all of the things you should be doing to make the most of your blissful freedom. Because yes. It is blissful freedom. Once you start seeing it that way, your life will change as you know it. (more…)

Snowfall in Summer.

This photo was captured and provided by Jake Basset, owner of Media View Creative. Click on the photo for the official website.

I thought for a while that forever had found me. He was the first person that I ever loved. He could stop a heartbeat with his smile. He wore soccer sweatshirts and loved music. And he loved me. For awhile. I have been told that I am a hopeless romantic and I suppose in some ways that is true, but I wasn’t until him. Until I collapsed in a pile of freshly fallen snow, laughing so hard that my ribs hurt, trying to understand what the new foreign feeling was that was fluttering in my chest. Love happened to me slowly, and then all at once. Like the light sprinkle of snow that suddenly seemed to turn the whole world white. (more…)

The White Horse: Finding Your Own Fairy Tale Ending


“I believe in Fairytales and dreamer’s dreams like bedsheet sails, and I believe in Peter Pan, and miracles anything I can to get by, and fireflies.” I used to listen to this song Fireflies by Faith Hill on repeat. It was the mantra of my life, this idea that miracles could happen (they can by the way), and life was just one big fairytale. All I had to do was wait for Prince Charming to ride up on a White Horse to sweep me off my feet and whisk me off to some castle to make all my worries fade away. And that was what I believed, wholeheartedly, for many years… but now it’s time to call some BS. (more…)

6 Reasons to Skip the Hotel and go Straight to your Local BNB

In college I went to school in horse country in Kentucky, and I would always drive past this little bed and breakfast to get to school. They were everywhere in Georgetown, but I never stayed in one. Granted, I was a broke college student who could barely afford a chick fil a sandwich, much less spend a night in any kind of hotel or bed and breakfast. I would always drive past that little place and wonder about the people who were staying there. I imagined they were probably very old, very rich and had a whole lot of extra time on their hands. One thing I never imagined was that one day I would trip and fall totally in love with everything Bnb. (more…)

The “Simple” truth.
I stopped writing for a while, in fact: I stopped doing just about everything. Depression has a way of doing that. Making even the little tasks that much harder, and the big ones impossible. I took some much needed time off to go home to the bluegrass. A safe place. A place where things fall back into place. And they did, but not until I went to counseling. I sat in the small, dimly lit office with a glowing mineral in the corner – the kind that you buy in those new age, hippie stores. (more…)

You are worth More.


“You are Worth More than Second Thoughts and Maybes”. At what point in a girl’s life does she stop believing that? I don’t know the answer to that question, because somewhere along the way I stopped believing it myself. (more…)

When Life Gives you Limes.

I have not written a single thing in months. I don’t know if I have had major writer’s block or if I was just about on the verge of giving up on this little blog of mine, but nothing has made me feel inspired. I just didn’t feel like writing, and when I did write it was usually so personal I couldn’t bring myself to share it. Until yesterday when I got on the van to go to the airport in San Diego, and I suddenly felt like I finally had something to tell. (more…)

One positive thought.


I am going to have to be completely, bare boned, honest with you all, I did not spend Thanksgiving – the one day of the year where the day is literally devoted to being grateful – very thankful. In fact I was angry. I was angry that I had to work, I was angry that everything was closed, I was angry that I was in Buffalo for 35 hours: freezing, lonely and bored ( in that order) when some of my coworkers had managed to slip through the crew scheduling cracks and were spending the day with their friends and families… the very place where I had wanted to be. (more…)

The Anatomy of a Broken Heart


“She loves the smell of coffees, bloomed roses, and new beginnings” ~Sonia Azalia.

I am awake right now while the rest of the world is sleeping, my world anyway. Sipping my cup of tea and coming to the realization that when I am broken I can’t sleep. I don’t know if I am waiting for something, or just afraid to drift off into the perfect realm of dreamland because I know when I wake up I will still feel the same sadness in my heart as I do now. Broken hearts unfortunately can’t be glued back together, because so often you don’t get the pieces back. (more…)