The Painted Bungalow: Bedroom Reveal

Untitled Design

Hey there y’all! How about we have a show of hands of those of you who are just consistently overwhelmed right now… I honestly am at a point where I just don’t know what to believe. I don’t know what to take as a fact or what to take as a falsehood, and truly, that scares me more than any virus ever could. I have so much information coming at me from every direction. Wear a mask – Don’t wear a mask – Social Distance – Social Distancing will ruin your immunity – and so on and so on. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the answers people. (more…)

Old Houses. New Houses. Blue Houses. Two Houses: Renovating a Florida Beach Bungalow

It’s a very lazy Saturday morning here at the babe cave. I am here where I always find myself in the early morning, butt planted on the mini, gray loveseat in front of the window that always seems to find the morning light. This is my happy place in the morning. Especially when the rain is falling like it is now and I have a steaming mug of some kind of modern-day witches brew aka coffee, warming my hands. It’s been a busy week for me, definitely not in terms of work, because in the flight attendant world, winter is hibernation time. In the Summertime, I get called to work almost every day but in the winter, I sit, and I sit, and I sit some more. I don’t necessarily sit around, but I don’t get called to work if I don’t want to. Hence why I am here on a Saturday morning, watching the rain drizzle down my window pane and sipping on my coffee. I usually sit here and dream up about a hundred projects I can do around the house. If you are reading this and you really know me you know that home improvement is my thing. I loveeeee love love to do projects. (more…)

Little House in the Carolinas: Half Bath Remodel


Clear as day I can still remember the first time I came into my little house when it was actually mine. I had just signed the papers and I had the key in my hand, and I unlocked the door – for the very first time. It is an odd feeling: owning a place that seemed so unfamiliar yet my soul already recognized it as home. That was two years ago and though I can’t say that I turned this house into a home, because it felt like home from the beginning: I have slowly made this house into something that I believe to be beautiful – and that’s the whole point isn’t it? (more…)

DIY on a Dime: Taking a Builder’s grade Island to the next level with Planking


Okay guys, so I have been feeling very antsy for some type of project lately. Lucky for me I had a little VACAY time this month (thank the Lord!), so my Dad drove to Charlotte for what I like to call, “construction boot camp.” My poor Dad… thank goodness he loves me because I work him to the bone sometimes. I have had this little island dream floating around in my head full of house plans for some time, and that was one of the many projects that we completed this week. (more…)

DIY on a Dime: Barn Wood​ Sign


The “farmhouse home style” has officially taken the states by storm thanks to the incredible design eye of Joanna Gaines and her show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. I started watching the show early on, and I was always amazed at her ability to create these serene, comfortable houses that were equally stylish. I always expected that the show would be a hit, but I never expected that Joanna Gaines would bring about a whole new movement in home stylings: Farmhouse Chic. That’s where this next project comes in. (more…)

Little House in the Carolinas: Kitchen Remodel Reveal

So.. Very exciting news!  We just passed my one year anniversary of being in my favorite little house. The not so exciting news.. I am sick. Picked up this nasty little cold in Pheonix, then almost blew my little ear drums out on the way to Havana. So here I sit with my box of Kleenex and finally enough time to sit down and write! Sorry to all those passengers out there, your favorite flight attendant is under construction at the moment. (more…)

Furniture Flippin’ Good: Side Table Edition

In college, some of the fraternity guys I used to hang out with used to call me “Hurricane Megan.” I would walk into the cafeteria and they would yell, “Aww here comes hurricane Meg, hold onto your trays!” I never did ask them why, but I think even after all this time my parents would have to agree. I am constantly blowing in, starting up some project then jetting off again. The latest one was a year in the making, but we finally got around to getting it done. My Mom bought these horribly ugly nightstands (yet great potential) and one day they appeared in our house. She told me she thought they had a great shape, and they did, but I was not feeling any vision just yet. (more…)

DIY: Pom-Pom Garland

So I was walking around Michaels shopping for the perfect white pencil tree and I stumbled upon this incredible section of Christmas decorations: the garlands. Michaels has THE best Christmas garlands this year. I was practically salivating. I just wanted them all! The only problem is they were $10 A STRAND. Okayyyy so if I buy 15 strands of this garland, which is realistically probably what I would need… I would have to eat black beans until March. (more…)

Diy on a Dime: Painted Pinecone Garland


So I have been in full on nesting mode lately. Decorating everything in sight. The only thing is… I am on a strict budget, and when you are trying to save money you can’t just go drop bank on expensive fall decorations. The good news is: you don’t have to. Essentially you can decorate for fall with things you find right in your backyard. This year, I used pinecones, and I have to say… for a project that was pretty much free I am very happy with the results. (more…)

A Beautiful Disaster: TV Cabinet Flip

Hello and Happy Friday!!! I am sitting on my couch right now doing what every normal millennial baby would do and I am putting off some major cleaning by writing this post. Cleaning is so not my fav, but this little abode definitely needs a good bath. So if you haven’t already heard this I just recently moved into my first home (post coming soon to tell you about my roller coaster house journey) and the good news of the day is.. All the moving is finished!! No more moving! YAY. Only cleaning 🙄. (more…)