DIY on a Dime: Taking a Builder’s grade Island to the next level with Planking


Okay guys, so I have been feeling very antsy for some type of project lately. Lucky for me I had a little VACAY time this month (thank the Lord!), so my Dad drove to Charlotte for what I like to call, “construction boot camp.” My poor Dad… thank goodness he loves me because I work him to the bone sometimes. I have had this little island dream floating around in my head full of house plans for some time, and that was one of the many projects that we completed this week. (more…)

DIY on a Dime: Barn Wood​ Sign


The “farmhouse home style” has officially taken the states by storm thanks to the incredible design eye of Joanna Gaines and her show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. I started watching the show early on, and I was always amazed at her ability to create these serene, comfortable houses that were equally stylish. I always expected that the show would be a hit, but I never expected that Joanna Gaines would bring about a whole new movement in home stylings: Farmhouse Chic. That’s where this next project comes in. (more…)

Diy on a Dime: Painted Pinecone Garland


So I have been in full on nesting mode lately. Decorating everything in sight. The only thing is… I am on a strict budget, and when you are trying to save money you can’t just go drop bank on expensive fall decorations. The good news is: you don’t have to. Essentially you can decorate for fall with things you find right in your backyard. This year, I used pinecones, and I have to say… for a project that was pretty much free I am very happy with the results. (more…)