One Change at a Time…

One Change at a Time…
At some point I will post our maternity photo shoot with Natalie Kathryn Photo. Click on the photo to see her personal page. She is a photog genius!

Well, hello there from my oatmeal bath. I am officially 32 weeks pregnant and the size of a small house. Well… that may be a bit of an exaggeration but I certainly feel like the size of a house. I am healthy and happy, but I certainly have been experiencing all of the symptoms that come along with being thirty weeks pregnant: heartburn from actual HELL, exhaustion, and itching ALL over. So here is a fun tidbit about my past few weeks. So your third trimester is supposed to be itchy anyway, right??? You know skin stretching, body drastically changing, the whole bit… Well… my smart little Girl Scout self, started gathering sticks in the yard about a month ago and wouldn’t you know woke up the next morning with POISON IVY. AND This kids… is why I stay indoors. As if I didn’t have enough to deal with, let’s add a full-body rash to boot.

So here I am… waddling around with my bad self and still flying around this blessed country like the cow that shot over the moon – doing the Hokey Pokey in the plane galley to keep from scratching. There’s a nice little visual for you. Needless to say, it has been a hot mess, heaven-blessed struggle y’all. But regardless of all my struggles, every time I feel that little tiny girl fluttering inside my tummy I thank the Lord for that little blessing. It certainly has not been an easy eight months (who is counting though???) by a long shot, but I will never stop being grateful for the chance to be this little one’s Mom. Scared as hell? Why yes – yes I am. But nevertheless, thankful down to my very core.

Pregnancy has definitely been an adventure, to say the least. Between the lightning crotch – and no, unfortunately, that is not a typo, to the “Mommy fog brain,” it has been quite the blast. You should see me when I am taking drink orders on the plane. It is quite entertaining for people when I ask what they want to drink for the fourth time because it has just left my brain completely. Where it goes?? Nobody knows. It is funny though, people on the plane get quite a kick out of me being pregnant – no pun intended. I don’t know how many times a passenger has asked me quite vehemently, “Please don’t have the baby on this flight!” Believe me honey… that is the last place on earth I want to give birth. The VERY last thing I need is to be hooting and hollering on a 737 floor trying to push out a human. Sorry about all of the visuals this morning… Mamma is on a roll. Let’s be real though… This is Motherhood.

The latest pregnancy drama is my town is having a doctor shortage – absolutely perfect timing on that one. The hospital, literally ten minutes away from my house, is no longer taking active delivery patients. So y’all pray for me because if baby decides to come fast she is coming in a Ford Escape because the hospital I am being rerouted to is nearly 50 minutes away. And to ice that very lovely cake, my current doctor is running for the hills, so the odds are very high that Joe Shmoe will be delivering our baby. “We’re fine… we’re all fine here. Everything’s fine…” Though to be completely honest by the time she is ready to come I am pretty sure I would let the mailman pull her out.

So a lot of changes going on around here. Our lives seem to be changing physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. If it has an “ally” at the end of it chances are it is changing for John and I. Change can be a really scary thing, especially in the world we live in, but I feel like we are ready to embrace the new and all of the challenges that come with it. All we can do is take it one change at a time. So check back with me in about two months. I will either be absolutely miserable and ready to pop like a 4th of July firecracker or a Mom. Both scenarios sound pretty crazy to me, but I am just along for the ride. Happy late Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there, real respect to you for surviving this madness that is pregnancy.




3 thoughts on “One Change at a Time…

  1. This is the cutest, and most definitely sums up pregnancy! We can’t wait to meet your sweet little one!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous. Your wonderful way of writing and the way you paint a picture and the humor you put out there is just amazing… amazing just like you my dear sweet, beautiful Forever Friend ❤️❤️❤️. Best wishes on delivery. Get a police escort since it’s 50 miles away.. they may be your delivery crew, who knows. God Bless you Sweetheart and best wishes for an easy delivery of your beautiful baby girl 😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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