The Painted Bungalow: Living Room Reveal

Raise your hand if you have been absolutely enveloped by the craziness of life lately… If you aren’t raising your hand right now – call me stat*. I need to know what you know! My life lately has been constant GO GO GO with a side of “okay… GO.” I swear I haven’t been to my house in an entire month. Thank goodness for roommates and husbands (only one in my case:P) to hold down the fort while I am on my seemingly never-ending trip. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. I have much-needed vacation time in October and I plan to do absolutely NOTHING but be home. Do some laundry, take time to garden, heck maybe I will paint the whole house if I feel like it. The world will be my oyster for an entire seven days and y’all I am here for it.

I am not complaining though, because even though I have been busy with this hectic life of mine I have been doing things that make my heart so utterly content. I have been able to spend the past few days in my tiny Floridian paradise, soaking up the summer sunshine and scrunching my toes in the hot velvet sand. In my personal opinion, there is no better therapy than watching those cerulean crested waves crash upon the shore. I will never grow tired of watching those waves because they are the only thing in life that seems to be constant… So long as the moon spins around its axis, the ocean will continue its journey to kiss the shore -pulled by a source of energy that seems to pull me too.

I was sitting on the couch yesterday, having a lazy morning with my hair all tousled and a cup of miracles in my hand. Eight years ago y’all, you wouldn’t catch me dead with a cup of coffee in my hand and now you can barely catch me without one. John loves to tease me and say, “some people love coffee and some people love creamer. You are the latter.” Shameful I know… but there is a specific ratio of coffee to creamer that literally makes or breaks my breakfast. Gotta have that almond creamer ya’ll… just gotta have it. Anyways, I was sitting there on the couch enjoying my creamer with a dash of coffee and I suddenly realized I never revealed the living room of our tiny beach bungalow! The shame! So I pulled out my computer to “do the dang thing.”

A little recap for those of you who haven’t been following along with this rehab journey. Years ago my parents bought a house just minutes away from the Atlantic coast. It’s a tiny footprint, but I firmly believe that small houses hold the most love. We have spent the past several years overhauling and rehabbing the house one room at a time. We pretty much turned it inside out, shook out the inside, and replaced everything with a coat of Sherwin Williams and a whole lotta’ amore. If you want to see the previous reveals from our little painted bungalow I will post the hyperlinks at the conclusion of the post so you can just catch your little self right on up. For now, I will get to the NEW meat and potatoes, the living room! First I will start with the before photos, because as cringy as they are… we always have to have a starting place.

Believe it or not my Dad wanted to keep that chair which is the color of “that which should not be named.” 💩💩💩
Instead of doing a coffee table we took a barnwood storage chest and added wheels to the bottom. This was an incredibly cheap DIY that resulted in a tiny coffee table with added storage – always a good thing in a tiny house.
The walls are painted Eider White by Sherwin Williams. When you have a small dark space painting the walls white really brightens things up and makes the room appear to be larger. We did paint the doors with Sea Salt Sherwin Williams to add a pop of color to “de-sterilize” all of the white and create a homier space.
There was something about this old ceiling fan that my Mom and I fell in love with and it still works like a charm. So instead of getting rid of it, we took it down and cleaned it. I then spray-painted the fan blades in a matte charcoal gray spraypaint.
The couch and loveseat were ordered from Havertys. We chose a custom fabric in a very pale seafoam green accented with jewel tone pillows.
These three tray tables were among the few pieces of furniture we decided to keep. I cleaned and sanded them, then I spray painted them in a beachy palette.
We hung them up on the wall as a unique piece of 3-dimensional art that is also functional.
I whitewashed a light we ordered because it came in and was brown! Not exactly the aesthetic we were looking for so I got out my paint. It ended up fitting way better with our color palette after a few coats of paint.

So there you have it… Another room is complete at the tiny beach bungalow and we couldn’t be happier. It always completely amazes me how a little bit of work and a vision can completely transform a space. As promised, I will post the previous reviews below. Until next time!


Paint – Living Room Walls: Eider White Sherwin Williams 7014

Paint – Living Room Doors: Sea Salt Sherwin Williams 6204

Living Room Couch – Color: Bryce Ice

Living Room Loveseat – Color: Bryce Ice

Living Room Recliner Chair – Color: Gray

2 thoughts on “The Painted Bungalow: Living Room Reveal

  1. It’s incredible what you do with a bit of Sherwin Williams paint. Painting the ceiling fan blades gray was ingenious, and hanging the newly painted color-coordinated trays as functional art…what can I say? I will be cataloging both these ideas.

    1. Joanne! we love a good paint job around here! Thank you for reading!! I can’t wait to see what projects you have done around your house.

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