My Kentucky Bridal Brunch

My Kentucky Bridal Brunch

I am currently sitting on a glorious king bed in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am what we “flight attendants” like to call a “door slammer,” today, which simply means I am doing ABSOLUTELY nothing other than being a room hobbit for the next 15 hours. Sounds pretty boring, I know, but for me, this is pretty much pure bliss right now. I don’t think I have gotten a free moment since January, and I didn’t think it was affecting me too much until I almost had an emotional breakdown over a cheese platter last weekend. Nothing like the price of a good Gruyère to throw a gal overboard. Expensive cheese and jokes aside, this season has been a tough one for my fiancé John and me. I am pretty sure we boarded the super-sonic, express train of life once we got engaged because there has been NO time. Just none. Y’all. I legit have a pile of laundry the size of a small walrus in my laundry room. My flowers are knocking on death’s door. I am actually pretty sure they have joined a permanent residency… let’s be real. John and I are closing on house number 2, and have currently turned the Charlotte living room into a moving distribution center. Not to mention the fact that I personally have AT LEAST 100 small things lefts to do for our wedding, all of which adds up to 1 very big stressor. Those are just a FEW of the things going on in our lives right now. Send up a little prayer for us folks…

Aside from my sobbing fits over cheese (very normal *rolling my eyes), and having zero extra time, I have actually really been able to enjoy all of the pre-wedding festivities that have taken place over the last month. It really has just blown me away all of the love, effort, and attention to detail that my family and close friends have put into making this time special. It has truly been pure magic. It has been everything that I dreamed of and more so, mostly because I have been able to spend more time over the past month with the people that make my world go round. Time is sometimes hard to come by in my life: one of the downsides of being a “girl on the fly,” but it makes it all that much sweeter when I get it. Time with people you love is always a gift, and that is something priceless. 

My Mom and my sister Kristin were the masterminds for my beautiful, Kentucky wedding shower. I can’t really put into words how perfect it was. My Mom knew I wanted lots of flowers – she knows me well… I am the “flower girl” in the family, so my Mom gave me a budget and we went to Kroger, fully expecting to get a few bouquets and calling it a day. Well, it just so happened that Kroger was having a mad sale on flowers, and Mom and I quickly became the “Kroger Crazies.” We filled up an entire cart of $1.00 and $0.50 bouquets. It was almost comical to see us pushing that cart around the store.  It was chock full of roses, eucalyptus, limonium, hydrangeas, and more. We left a trail of heavy scent down every aisle we shopped, and when we got to the front of the store the cashiers asked us if we were doing a wedding. We laughed, murmured, “Something like that…” then we hauled our “greenhouse” home to arrange. 

We have Issues…
A Bathtub full of Issues…

We ended up having a brunch, because who doesn’t love a good brunch Y’all? Breakfast solves 99.9 percent of life’s problems, and you’d better believe it. My bridal brunch was complete with all of my favorites: muffins from My Favorite Muffin, a beautiful charcuterie tray from The People’s Platter (I wonder if she cried over the Gruyère…), my sister’s homemade punch, and the most divine cake. The cake ended up being one of my favorite parts. My Mom had ordered it at a local baker in Lagrange and it was absolutely stunning and tasted amazing. It was topped with a giant engagement ring that my Mom told me she had bought many years before, with the hopes that she could put it on my shower cake one day – literally the sweetest – don’t even get me started! I will post the link of the baker below for all of you Louisville peeps.

Photo By L. Childer’s Photography: Click on the photo above for the link to her website
L. Childers Photography
L. Childers Photography

We played one game at my bridal brunch. I am not a fan of most shower games but have always been a sucker for the “toilet paper bride game.” In fact, it’s that game that brings out the devil in me y’all. I get so competitive! Well, I should have guessed…everyone else was too. I have never seen such focus as each team wrapped their bride in Charmin 😂. In the end, there were four beautiful toilet paper brides but little did we know, there would soon be five. My three nieces had been playing in the corner quietly for the majority of the shower. None of us knew they were paying any attention at all to all the craziness that the adults were getting into until we started the gifts. At some point, someone turned around to check on them, and there they were: they had taken one of the leftover toilet paper rolls and my niece Ruby was wrapping my niece Cadence in toilet paper. Cadence was standing marble still and had the most serious look on her face. That moment, in a nutshell, was probably my favorite part of the whole day.

The Blushing Brides
Raise your hand if you think we all look like we should star in the next Twilight movie! 🤣
L. Childers’ Photography
This was right after Lauren’s husband Michael told me there were probably ticks in this field… L. Childers’ Photography
L. Childers’ Photography
Mrs. :):):) L. Childers’ Photography
Happy Clearance Flowers

My heart is light today as I think about all the happy memories that I have made over the past month. It has been a month to remember, and all I can say is I am so grateful for all the love in my life. I can truly say I am blessed beyond measure. Signing off now, so I can be productive…HAHA, but can you hear the wedding bells!? I think I can:)


P.S: A special shoutout to my Mom Donna, and my sister Kristin! Thank you for creating such a beautiful day that I will never forget!

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