DIY on a Dime: How to Craft a Christmas Wreath with Supplies from your Local Dollar Tree

DIY on a Dime: How to Craft a Christmas Wreath with Supplies from your Local Dollar Tree

Good Morning fellow homebodies. Here we are a week before Thanksgiving and I have already decked about every hall I can get my hands on. Full disclosure: I started right after Halloween. But don’t you worry I only decorated the inside and I have kept my blinds closed tight so the neighbors don’t think I am a total nutter – probably futile at this point ;)… What can I say? I am a freak for the ho-ho. I start early every year but this year I started WAYYY early. Only because, well duh, this year kind of sucks like an old, hair covered lollypop stuck to the bottom of a ripped cushion in a 1978 Pinto – It’s just that bad. So here we all are, stuck in our homes with nothing to do. So what do we do? We paint things, we eat way too many Tollhouse cookies, and we craft! And oh boy DO I HAVE a good craft for you?? So put down the cookie, throw on your sweats, sheath your beautiful face, and head over to the Dollar Tree because that is where you will source 98% of the materials for this DIY Christmas wreath. You can source 100% of the materials there if your little heart desires, but I will explain why I chose not to later on.

What you will Need:

  • 1 Grapevine Craft Wreath – This is the one item I chose to get at Hobby Lobby instead of the Dollar Tree. They have smaller grapevine craft wreaths at the Dollar Tree, but I chose to buy a 14″ one at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. The original price is $4.99 and I used a 40% coupon. You can always find a 40% off coupon on Simply pull it up on your phone and they will scan it at the register. Click on the next photo for the link to the wreath I used.
  • 10 -15 Floral Garden Holiday Stems – I used 13
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Leftover Holiday Ribbon – You can also find this at the Dollar Tree if you don’t have any leftovers from last year.
  • Accent Ornament

Time to Craft: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $15 – $25 depending on wreath choice and whether you need to buy the basic crafting supplies, which can also be found at your local DT. I spent $16.00 to make this wreath.

The Process:

Step One: Gather your supplies and plug in your hot glue gun
Step Two: Start hot gluing your ribbon to your wreath at regular intervals. I chose a smaller 2″ ribbon because I didn’t want it to overpower the florals. When you glue at your desired interval, pinch the ribbon together in the center and glue down into a crevice of your grapevine wreath. This creates a nice puckered look all the way around your wreath and leaves more vine space for the florals.
Step Three: Pull the heads off of all of your floral stems. The heads are literally just attached to the plastic stem like a snug hat and can easily be pulled off. It leaves a little nub that you can hot glue and stick into your wreath.
Step Four: Start gluing the largest floral heads into your wreath. I personally found it easier to start with the largest ones then fill in with the little ones after. Now you just GLUE, GLUE, GLUE! You will want to leave bits of your ribbon popping out here and there so keep that in mind as you are gluing.
Step Five: After you have filled in the wreath with your florals and you are happy with the look, you can glue your accent ornament on. I bought a chapel ornament to glue onto mine, but they had a huge selection, and you could add more than one if you want! Go wild with your bad self. Note: when gluing the accent on you are going to want to add A LOT of glue to the back of your ornament.
Step Six: Hang and Enjoy! It really is that easy.

And that’s all she wrote folks! I am now ready to come back from Thanksgiving and I will be 100% done with my Christmas decorations! YEE! All I will have to do is hop into my Christmas jammies, put the marshmallows into cocoa, and proceed to my couch to watch Hallmark movies until Santa makes his grand entrance – in full hazmat gear I suspect… 🙂 I am signing off. Until next time! Happy crafting and have a wonderful, turkey-filled Thanksgiving filled with all of the love you so deserve.


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