So You are an Influenster… Now what? How to get your first Voxbox, and How to Keep getting Them.

So You are an Influenster...

If you have followed my blog long enough you will know that I have been working with a site called Influenster for the past several years. Influenster is a website that will send you free products in exchange for a little bit of advertisement and an honest review. It is a program that I have really enjoyed, and I have previously written about how to get started as an Influenster in one of my earlier blog posts. Want to check it out? Click the link below.

In all reality though, becoming an Influenster and actually getting Voxboxes (a box of goodies to review) are two very different things. Over the years I have learned the tricks of the trade to get you on that next Influenster Voxbox shortlist. You want to know how to get your first box of free goodies??? Follow along.

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My latest Voxbox included: The Innisfree Best Seller Discovery Set, Bumble and Bumble Glow Heat Protectant Spray, and Velour Mink Lashes.

Link your Social Media Accounts:

Influenster loves to look at your social impact. They want to know how many people you know, how big your social circle is, how many people are going to have eyes on a product that you are advertising. Every social media account that you link to your Influenster account will raise your social impact score, and in turn, you are one step closer to getting your next Voxbox.

Download the Influenster App:

There is a small disclaimer that pops up at the end of every Voxbox survey that is easy to miss. It says in very small print, you must have the Influenster App to be considered for a Voxbox. After doing a little sleuthing, I quickly realized why. For whatever reason, Influenster will not let you complete any Voxbox tasks on the web. If you try to complete a task it will immediately redirect you to the app. In order to even get considered for a Voxbox, you MUST have the app downloaded to a compatible device.

Complete Snaps:

Influenster is a data collection platform. They are constantly collecting data on what you like, what you don’t like, what kind of products you use on a daily basis, etc. One of the ways that they do this is through “snaps.” Snaps are short surveys asking you about the products you use. This is essentially how Influenster knows what products to pair with you as a reviewer. If you complete a snap about the snacks you eat, and you mark that you dislike pretzels, Influenster is not going to turn around and send you a bag of pretzels to review. The more snaps you complete… the more likely you are to match up to a product to review… Aka the more likely you are to get some free stuff.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS complete your tasks when you receive a Voxbox:

This is so important, and I will tell you how I know. I was on the list to receive a Voxbox of Kat Von D Makeup about 3 and a half years ago. I was living in an apartment at the time with a “community” package lockbox, and you can take a wild guess as to what happened. My package had arrived so I went down to collect it, and nothing was in the mailbox except a piece of lint. Some totally great person, who karma has inevitably since kicked in the rear, had taken my package and ran. So I didn’t review the makeup. I am an honest person, and I will not review something that I have not personally tried. I wrote the Voxbox customer service and explained my dilemma, but the damage was done. I didn’t get another Voxbox for three years. So note to self: ALWAYS review the product! Move mountains to review the product! Otherwise, you will get yourself on the Influenster black-list and no amount of Snaps will get you off.

Testing out my Velour Lashes!

Check your Email on the REG or Sign up for Text Alerts:

This is the hardest part for me because my email is no-mans-land. SO many emails. So MANY. It honestly overwhelms me close to the point of premature death, so I only get on there when absolutely necessary. Influenster will always send out a pre-Voxbox survey to make sure you are a compatible reviewee, and they will put a “deadline to respond” in the email. If you don’t fill out the email in time??? Tough luck buttercup! You’re out. Want to avoid the black hole that is known as your email? Sign up for text alerts when you are being considered for a Voxbox. You will never miss out again.

So you signed up to be an Influenster? The cold hard truth is that you do have to put in some work to be considered for a Voxbox, but it’s not as hard as many people make it out to be. Just make sure you follow the essentials above and you will be on your way to receiving free products in no time at all! Happy reviewing you filthy animal!


Megan Marie

Ready to sign up for Influenster and start getting some free stuff? Just follow the link below!

2 thoughts on “So You are an Influenster… Now what? How to get your first Voxbox, and How to Keep getting Them.

  1. I keep filing out reviews from my snaps but the count never goes down??? What am I doing wrong?

    1. Gia when you answer questions in your snaps and fill out the surveys that say you have used certain products they automatically put those in your snap category to write a review. In my experience the more you mark down the longer it takes you to complete the snap. I hope that is helpful. Sometimes it takes forever for me too.

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