7 Things you Should be doing Right Now if you are Single and Twenty Something.

Y’all, first let me say what a blessing it is to have time in your life while you are completely unattached. There are benefits to marriage and finding your person for sure… cough cough can anyone say split income ☝🏻? But that sweet spot beforehand??? A lot of people take that for granted, and I personally think it’s one of the most important times in your life because you are cultivating THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in your LIFE. That would be you sweet cheeks. And I am here to tell you all of the things you should be doing to make the most of your blissful freedom. Because yes. It is blissful freedom. Once you start seeing it that way, your life will change as you know it.

1) Date. And Date A Lot:

What’s your favorite ice cream? There are a million and one flavors out there? What’s your flavor of choice. Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry? You could swear your actual life by Rocky Road. Rocky Road is the sun and the moon and the stars all rolled up in one perfect little package. Until Mexican Pralines and Cream comes along and… sweet baby Jesus. Your world is actually rocked. You don’t have to stock your freezer after trying just one flavor. And no I am not talking about sleeping around. DATE around. Find out what kind of person you want. What kind of person you are. And in the process you might just find the Ben to your Jerry… but even if you don’t – you ate for free and you met cool people***


2) Find your “Garden” and Water it: Cultivate Real Friendships

Some person once told me that a friend is like a flower, any friendship needs love, sunlight, and water to grow. So you know what you should be doing when you find yourself single and unattached? Pouring yourself into your friendships, because one day in the future when you least expect it you will have to start dividing your attention between your gal pals and the person that shares your heart. So take the girls trip, go to every butt growing class together that you can, and drink too many margaritas on the beach with the people who fill your heart up with love right now❤️. You will have a better butt and better friendships too. It’s a win-win.


3) Decorate your Space like you Decorate Your Heart:

My cousins told me the biggest thing that changed when they got married was their home styles. I know that has to be true because I was dating someone not too long ago who was a lover of all things modern. And if you have ever been to my house it’s like a new age version of your grannies house. I love the cozy, cottage, quirky vibes that it shouts every time you walk through the door. I told that guy, “you know I don’t know how we are ever going to live together because our styles are polar opposite.” But you do learn to live together. You know how? Styles blend. All of a sudden you have grandmas’ quirky mid-century modern cabin with a little bit of charm on the side. But right now… you don’t have to blend. So be gone with your bad self and buy those embroidered cat pillows you have been eying. Now is the time to have a space that is truly individual to you.


4) Travel your Little Tush Off:

Trivia time. What’s cheaper than two plane tickets to Minsk? One plane ticket to Minsk. Solo travel is so important y’all. I am going to be honest, I don’t even feel totally comfortable taking trips by myself. But travel in general is SO important in shaping the person that you are. When you travel your eyes are being opened to new people and new perspectives, and it changes you. It always changes you, into a better, more rounded person. So if you aren’t totally comfortable with solo travel grab a friend, and start molding your life into a more beautiful, more open, more inclusive place to be.


5: Make That Money Honey: Become Financially Independent

I don’t want to ever have to depend on a man to pay my bills. Gone are the days where the little housewives sit at home sewing hemlines and making pot roasts, and let’s thank the Lord for it!! If you are single right now, plan for the future as a single person. Chances are you aren’t always going to be single, but prepare your bank account like you will be. It will bring you peace of mind, and it will make you financially independent which is a whole other kind of freedom.


6) Fall More in Love Every Day with YOU:

Here is the deal, there is only one person that you will see every day for the rest of your life. And that is that sweet sleepy face that greets you in the mirror in the morning – drool and all. Love is what makes the world go round, but you have to love yourself first lovely. So while you are living that single life, treat yourself like the BadA$$ little Queen that you are. Tell your sleepy, drooly self in the mirror every morning – You is Smart – You is Kind – You is Important. Because I am here to tell you that vital, sucker punch you in the gut kind of truth: You are.

7) Focus on Your Dreams:

You know this isn’t always the case, but I think sometimes when people get married they start to have melded dreams. Buy the house together. Start a Family. Buy that sweet Range Rover with the spacious trunk perfect for home improvements and baby car seats. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean each person has to give up their individual dreams. But sometimes those individual dreams get placed on the back burner to make room for those melded dreams. At this time in your life, you are living in one of those fleeting moments where it is all about you. So what is it that YOU want to do? Find out and start pursuing that. Not Tomorrow. Not Next Week. Right Here. Right Now.


If you woke up today and you are twenty-something and single, relish the fact! Being single in your twenties is one of the best things a person could ask for. it gives you time to grow into your own skin, time to be 100% yourself, and time to live your life to the absolute fullest with nobody influencing how you choose to live it. Eventually, you are going to trip over the “love” stick and all of a sudden you are sharing your experiences with another person. That is a wonderful thing, and when that happens you will be ready. But for now, it’s time to enjoy your life just how it is. Stay up too late, take that trip to Rome, Enjoy every fleeting moment, because nothing lasts forever and you Babe are young, wild and free!

Megan Marie


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