DIY on a Dime: Barn Wood​ Sign


The “farmhouse home style” has officially taken the states by storm thanks to the incredible design eye of Joanna Gaines and her show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. I started watching the show early on, and I was always amazed at her ability to create these serene, comfortable houses that were equally stylish. I always expected that the show would be a hit, but I never expected that Joanna Gaines would bring about a whole new movement in home stylings: Farmhouse Chic. That’s where this next project comes in.

DIY: Barn Wood Sign

What You Will Need:


1 piece of Barn Wood – I found mine at a Peddler’s Mall for $8. I would ask around before you buy though because real authentic barn wood usually is just floating around people’s yards. You may find that someone you know will just give you a piece for free. Otherwise, I would look in antique malls and flea markets if you are looking to find a piece at a decent price.

Wire Nails (I used 3/4″ x 17)

Nail Set (Optional)



Pliers (Optional)

*Drill is pictured – but I didn’t even end up using it.

Metal Letters – I got mine at Hobby Lobby. They retail at $2.99 a letter, but Hobby Lobby is literally always having a sale, and I got them for 50% off. I got all my letters for about $12. Click the photo below for the direct link


Step One: Lay out your Letters. The very first thing that I did was space out my letters so that I could get them exactly where I wanted them. They don’t stay laid out because when you start hammering they vibrate right off of your board, nevertheless, it is always good to start any project off with a good mental picture of what you want your finished product to look like.


Step Two: Mark your Nailing Spots. The next thing that I did was take my sharpie and mark all of the places that I planned to nail. You want to make sure you are nailing in the part of the letter that is flush with the wood. You can see below that I just made little tiny dots in the downward curves of the letters.


Step Three: It’s Hammer Time! I am very sorry if I have just reminded you of that horribly annoying commercial about command hooks, but the next step is to start nailing. The letters I purchased had such thin metal that I could literally just hammer the nails right in – no drill required… just a little muscle work. I used a nail set to hammer the nail down into the groove without bending the surrounding edges of the metal, but it is optional! A few bent edges might just give your sign the extra character you were looking for. Who knows!? And it’s okay if you have no clue what a nail set is… before this project if someone had asked me for a nail set – I would have handed them some OPI and a nail file….

That little red doohickey in the middle is a nail set.


Step 4: TA-DA! Just kidding you are done!! In only three steps! This may be the easiest, most straight forward project I have ever done. I was literally done in 20 minutes. You will be too!


I have always loved the “farmhouse style,” but it can be very expensive, and this is an affordable project that can add a little “farmhouse chic” to your abode for less than $20. It’s so cheap and so easy that it would almost be wrong not to try it, and the fun part about it is that you can totally customize it to your own liking. You could make anything from a BAKERY sign for the kitchen to spelling out a name, to making a BABE CAVE sign like me (because men can’t have all the caves). The possibilities are really endless.

Well yall, that’s all that I have in me today! I just flew in from Sin City and I am tired out but until next time! Happy Crafting!


Megan Marie

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