So I was walking around Michaels shopping for the perfect white pencil tree and I stumbled upon this incredible section of Christmas decorations: the garlands. Michaels has THE best Christmas garlands this year. I was practically salivating. I just wanted them all! The only problem is they were $10 A STRAND. Okayyyy so if I buy 15 strands of this garland, which is realistically probably what I would need… I would have to eat black beans until March. I am all about getting your daily dose of protein, but no thanks. So I did the obvious thing and just stood there in aisle 5 staring longingly at these colorful pom-pom garland strands and dreaming of sugar plums, and colorful Christmas trees, strewn with unrealistically expensive stands of fuzz balls. Then it hit me. Why not just make it myself? I did, and I have been so happy with the results that I believe it’s worth sharing. Also, I don’t want anyone else to have to eat beans for the next three months. You’re welcome.

What you will need:


pom-poms: You can either buy these or make them. Or you could even do a mixture of both because that would introduce a whole new array of textures that would be just AMAZING. Below is a picture tutorial on how to make your own pom-poms from Click on the photo for the whole tutorial. I personally wanted a quick and dirty holiday, so I bought my pom-poms from Michaels for $5.99, and I used a 40% off coupon. Michaels always has coupons so never forget to look one up before you leave the store. You could save yourself a couple of bucks.


Darning Needles: Darning needles are larger than your everyday sewing needle, and this is important because the thread that you will be using is thicker than regular sewing thread. Can you tell that I am using my little noggin? You can get these for $2.69 at Michaels, Walmart, or at any craft store.

Embroidery Floss: Embroidery floss is like the mommy or daddy to regular sewing thread. It’s much thicker, and I decided to use it for my garland because #1) I wanted to be able to see it #2) It’s only $0.49 at most stores. I bought a few different colors that matched my poms and called it a day.

The Process:

Step 1: Cut your desired length of thread.

Step 2: Pull the thread through the eye of the needle and tie a knot so that your needle is at the very end of your thread.


Step 3: Start threading your poms. You want to thread your needle through the very center of the pom-pom because that is the thickest part.


Step 4: Keep threading until you are satisfied! It really is that easy







This is a very versatile craft. You can pretty much make this garland for any season just by switching out the colors: birthdays, holidays, you name it. I hung my garland from the ceiling using thumbtacks (easy for me because of my ultra-fab popcorn ceiling *rolling my eyes), but you could also hang this garland on the tree, or if you really have your fancy pants on, you could wrap it around your presents. Well… Now that I have garland and I still get to eat for the next few months, I think my job is done here. Have a fabulous, sparkly, Merry Christmas.

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