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It’s that time of year again! You know the time where you stick one toe at a time out of bed and then you yank them back under the covers when you realize your bedroom is at a temperature comparable to a polar ice pop. Winter is almost here… And winter is the death of motivation. I know this because this is around the time that the gym crowd starts to fizzle. Suddenly, instead of having to fight someone in pink faux leather tights and a “werk it so you can twerk it” t-shirt for an elliptical, I can have my pick. It’s my favorite season to go to the gym, but it is also the hardest season to motivate myself to exercise. I take one step out the door, a pile of snow falls on my head and all I want to do is run back inside, call a therapist, and eat some pie. I know myself though, and if I can’t motivate myself to the gym music usually can. I tried for a long time to find a general workout playlist, but let me tell you… those playlists out there are sad. Just sad. So I made my own playlist, and sorry Barry Manilow, you are nowhere near it.

#1 Plans by: Elephante – This is also a fabulous choice for dancing in your kitchen while doing dishes.

#2 Don’t Wanna Know by: Maroon Five – Can we just take a second to thank God that Adam Levine was born?

#3 All We Know by: The Chainsmokers – Not going to lie I almost walked in and then promptly out of the gym the other night, and this song came on and I pulled it together and had a 60 minute workout!

#4 Sunset by: Farruko – Let me tell you a good rule of thumb when listening to Spanish music: Less is so much more. Don’t look up the lyrics in English. You don’t want to know. You don’t.

#5 Easy Love by: Sigala – This music video is FIRE peeps. I love love love Sigala.

#6 Picky by: Joey Montana – I have always had a huge crush on Joey Montana. I mean look at that face! And this song… If this doesn’t get you off the couch then we have a real problem on our hands, because you probably are unconscious. Also, this music video is just so darn realistic! Didn’t you know that all ice cream trucks just randomly drive through the countryside after they hit the suburbs? It’s a thing. And I don’t know about you… but my girls and I love to put on our bikinis and go lounge out by deserted barns. That’s also a thing.

#7 I Think I’m in Love by: Kat Dahlia – This is not a G-rated tune. She does drop a couple curse words, so if that’s not for you then just skip it!

#8 Dance the Pain Away by: Benny Benassi

#9 Smoke Filled Room Elephante Remix by: Mako – This is honestly one of my favorite songs to play when I am doing intense cardio. I tend to listen to music with a techno vibe, because the quick tempo helps me to keep a fast pace and keeps my heart rate up.

#10 Kiss You Inside Out by: Hedley

#11 Cositas Que Haciamos by: Farruko – Again. You don’t want to know. Your mamma would blush. This song is my go to when I do stretching or my cool down.

Words by: Daya – This song wasn’t originally on my playlist, but I was running the other day (HUGE accomplishment for me too since I am getting over runner’s knee! So yay!) and I was facing a big incline going up to the Louisville walking bridge, and this song literally powered me up the hill.

Let me tell you a little secret: there is power in your playlist. When it is raining outside, and you are all snuggled up in your warmest pjs, you need to have a back up plan. You need to have your favorite songs all powered up on your iPod ready to motivate you off of that couch. I know that for me sometimes it’s the only way I make it to the gym. I turn on my power playlist, I suction my way into my little workout pants (too much Ben and Jerry’s… Maybe I need an anti- ice cream playlist), and I werk it so I can twerk it.

If you want to listen to my whole power playlist it can be found on Spotify by clicking the link below.



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