Margs and Mortgage Loans: Why my Job isn’t Just a “Job”

39BEE302-EAA8-4FBA-A6FA-D7DE9868A40F.JPGI never quite knew that a job like this existed. I think for many people their jobs are just jobs: a way to make a living for themselves and something to pay those bills that just never stop coming. I also think that in most job situations, coworkers are just coworkers: people to see everyday in the break room, but to quickly forget after the clock chimes five and everyone slips out to embrace their “real” lives, their home lives. It’s so different in the world of aviation, because our jobs are no longer just our jobs, because they are melded into our daily lives. Our jobs are our lives. And coworkers somehow turn into our friends, and our families (sometimes.. there are always those that don’t quite have that effect on us;)). I did not want to be working today. In fact I was not happy to be working today, because I have been in the process of house hunting, and two days ago I found my perfect house. I did everything in my power to get the mortgage loan paperwork done and worked on getting everything approved, but unfortunately falling on the weekend when most banks are closed, I was unable to get any answers until today. I was planning on making an offer today. A small step for mankind… and a giant leap for me. My house sold today around lunchtime, and I was sitting in a big white hotel bed in Las Vegas mourning the loss of my little dream house and ruining my mascara. I heard a knock at the door and there stood a member of my flight crew. I opened the door and I literally think I startled the poor guy to death, apparently he wasn’t expecting Bozo the red nosed, emotional clown at the door. He quickly recovered and insisted on us going out for 99 cent margaritas. I could never say no to a good marg, even if I did run the risk of people thinking that I was highlighting as Rudolph the Vegas showgirl (ironically my house was on Reindeer street. Coincidence!? I think not). My new friend bought me a margarita, some chicken taquitos, and stuffed my face with oreo dessert, all the while lending the emotional support of a friend who seemingly could have stood by me for years, and I had just met the man yesterday. There is something about the people I work with, some kind of strange social norm that allows them to skip over the barriers of time and really embrace friendship, and generosity. This year, being a flight attendant has totally changed my perspective on life, and on friendship. I have realized that as beautiful and incredible as this job is, the part that stuns me the most are the people that I have met along the way. I can’t even count the number of people who have had some small but significant effect on my life this year. I have been overly blessed by an amazing job, and equally amazing coworkers. Anyways, it’s time for me to fly back to my beautiful Queen City, so I will sign off. My hope for you this week is to let someone new in your life. You never know.. they could just be a friend for life! Or maybe they will just dry your tears and numb the pain with a 99 cent margarita. Either way.. I think you are getting a great deal:).


Megan Marie AKA Rudolph

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