Sleepless in Seattle


My own little slice of heaven…


What a cliche title. I know… But I couldn’t think of a better one since I will be totally “sleepless” tonight on the red-eye home, and I was partially “sleepless” last night on the redeye here. The flight attendant life is not always as glamorous as it would seem. You have many sleepless night, grouchy passengers, and you are often hungry….. Or maybe that’s just Me right now 😆. I am starving! The hotel that we are in is gorgeous but it is styled after European hotels and has no microwave and no restaurant! I feel like I am Tom Hanks on Cast Away, except without the luxury of a volleyball to tell me to go get some fish out of the ocean. Enough of that though, because even in the unglamorous redeye sandwich that I am experiencing lies Seattle. I have been waiting for this trip for a long time, and I was so excited to get it. I am sitting on my bed right now listening to the saxophone on the corner, and thinking about today and how crazy good it was. I was lucky enough to get a stellar crew this trip, and a flight attendant who has done this trip over one hundred times (he told me!!😮) offered to take me around. Everyone is so free here! I love it. We went to this little bakery for ME to eat breakfast (because I am always hungry) called the Three Girls Bakery. My friend ordered a tea and the waitress asked him if he wanted honey, then she nonchalantly said, “yeah, why the hell not right?” The bakery is right on the edge of Pike Place Market which is the mother load of all farmers markets. We sat at the counter watching the shops all open up, and the bustle began. Everyone was getting ready for a day of selling. After breakfast we just walked. We walked all through the market which was stunning because it’s wall to wall booths of flowers, the best tasting fruit you’ve ever had, and freshly caught seafood. We had Seattle’s famous doughnuts from Top Pot Doughnuts, and to be honest I couldn’t tell why they were that famous (still worth the empty five hundred calories. Totally). We ate fish and chips, and explored endless musty smelling bookstores, antique shops, and spice markets. One of my favorite shops was an umbrella boutique on a corner near our hotel. The umbrellas were hanging everywhere in the shop in all their glory, laughing at the people walking around in the drizzle outside. I could have lived in that shop, or the flower section of the market. Color to me feels like life. And there is so much color in Seattle, even on gray days like today. This just goes to show that even in the middle of the “unglamorous,” there is always a little glamour to be uncovered. My sleepless night tonight will be spent reliving all the color and life that we found here, and I bet I won’t feel sleepy at all. Sweet dreams😉


Megan Marie



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