With Love From Paris: Day Two

I have been having dreams of bread since we got back from Paris. Fresh baguettes, and croissants with “buerre” (butter-the one french word that actually stuck…IRONIC), and miles and miles of crispy pastries. It was like the only food group in Paris. There was bread with everything. Bread for breakfast. Bread for Lunch. Bread for Dinner. Bread for afternoon snack. Must I go on? Thank heavens Dominique and I only stayed two days because I probably would have gained fifty pounds and possibly a gluten allergy. And on that note: that’s how day two started… Bread.

Our shower was broken at the Paris Hyatt Etoile, so every morning the hotel gave us free breakfast… Or should I say breadfast??

After our amazing, calorie-free breakfast (Didn’t you know all food is calorie free on vacation!?), Dominique and I set out for the Notre Dame Cathedral. Not trying to brag but by day two we were pretty much pros when it came to the Paris metro system, so it took us no time at all to find our stop.


Cathedral of Notre Dame


I loved the Paris metro system, but when we were walking that’s when I really felt like I was a part of the city. I imagine that exploring any part of France is like being on your own little treasure hunt. We walked through alleys, and down cobblestone streets, and around every corner was something beautiful… something to be visually appreciated. I can’t imagine living in a place where culture seems like it is living and breathing all around you. I was only there for a little over forty-eight hours and I was completely overwhelmed.

Day two walking along the Seine.

Other than the fact that they walk everywhere, I am not really sure how the French stay so thin. The food was A M A Z I N G……. I never considered myself a foodie but if I lived in France I would eat all the time. My favorite meal was at a little street cafe by the Seine. Who am I kidding, every meal we ate was at a street cafe on the Seine. They were everywhere, and It was impossible to go wrong. It’s all so easy in Paris. You just have to walk in, grab a table, and prepare to be satisfied. This particular cafe wasn’t really a tourist spot. We saw it when we were walking and since we were both hungry (I am always hungry..), decided it would be as good a place as any. It specialized in toast and espresso, so I ended up having salmon on toast with fresh cream.

Salmon on toast with fresh cream. Yummmmm!
No caption necessary. I’m sure your mouth is already watering. Patisseries were on almost every corner.

Our second day was finished as it should have been, back at the Eiffel Tower. We had bought tickets online to go up into the tower, and we ended up getting there right when the sun was going down. It was like a gift to see the city in all of its glory. The light was playing off of the buildings and casting a pink glow on everything that it touched. I finally knew what it meant when Sabrina, from the favorite classic love story, said that looking at Paris was like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. I felt like I had my own rose colored glasses that day.

Downtown Paris
The Seine
One of my favorite shots of the city.

Looking over the city on the last night of the trip, I went over the wonderful time that we had had. My mind drifted to all of the beautiful people that we had met, meals we had eaten, and sights we had seen and I felt fulfilled. I know I will go back to Paris someday because in the span of 48 hours I fell in love. In love with the overall experience of uprooting myself from my comfort zone and putting myself in a whole new world. In love with sitting in a corner cafe, listening to people speak a language I had never truly heard before. In love with the unknown and all of its mystery. The world seemed so much smaller after our little two-day adventure to France, much more attainable, and it left me with a heart full of wanderlust. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will take me, but until then I am signing off! I hope you dream dreams of warm croissants and butter tonight:) I know I will.



Megan Marie






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