Seven spectacular spooky tips to throwing the best Halloween Party. Ever.

Let’s just say… I’m a terrible blogger: because I haven’t posted anything in let’s see… MONTHS. Regardless of my lack of writing, life has been going full force. I have been all over the country with my job: San Francisco, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, and many many more. The life of the flight attendant is the strangest, because time just goes so fast. You are always in a new city, always trying a new food, and my personal favorite, always meeting a new friend. I have made hundreds of new friends (not exaggerating!) since starting this job. So naturally with all of the new people in my life I started “brewing” up the idea that it was about time for a party. Because everyone enjoys a good party right!!!? With Halloween right around the corner it seemed only appropriate to throw some sort of a spooky soiree, so i set a date and I got the ball rolling. Lucky for you I took lots of pictures, and am ready to spill the beans on how to throw the best Halloween party on the block!


Tip #1) Always start planning a party (Halloween or otherwise) with some type of inspiration. Believe it or not, this little guy from T.J Maxx was the inspiration behind our whole party, I mean look at him! This little mummy melts hearts for sure <3

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2) You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to put together a good spread for a party. Prepackaged snacks look just as good as homemade if they are presented in the right way. Presentation is everything!!


3) Pinterest fails CAN turn into epic successes. My roomie and I totally botched carving this poor pineapple, but with a little thought, we turned it into a fun little dessert.






4) Don’t be afraid of the notorious DIY’s. I made the garland above with four yards of pom pom garland from Jo-Ann’s Crafts, and a pack of fabric pumpkins from Tj-maxx. The whole project was less than twenty dollars and took less than fifteen minutes. All I did was sew the garland together on the ends and stitched the pumpkins onto the orange strand of garland. Easy peasy!


5) You can take Betty Crocker cupcakes to the next level with just a little holiday candy corn from the dollar store. Come on people! The dollar store! Tell me you aren’t headed that way!! I also amped up my cupcakes with some “spidey webbs,” simply made from chocolate chips and oil (tutorial coming soon).



DSCN06186) Please, please, please don’t forget to visit your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or thrift shop. Number one, normally your money is going towards a good cause. Number two, you can find cool, “party-making,” pieces that take your event from drab to fab in about ten seconds tops. The witch hats seen above were ninety-nine cents at Goodwill, and they totally made the party.



7) Without good guests it wouldn’t be a party, so invite people who will make the night great!

Well, I am signing off. I have places to fly, parties to plan, and people to meet! I hope this little post will help you put together the most fabulous party this side of the block. Have a spectacularly spooky Halloween! *witch laughs in the distance 😉


Megan Marie

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