Mashed Potatoes and Continental Breakfasts.


20150527_131108It has been awhile since I have posted anything in my little corner of the World Wide Web, partly because I have had writer’s block (don’t act like you have never had it!), partly because the Pheonix heat has been calling me poolside, and mostly because I have just been busy living this amazing thing called life. As you may have guessed I finished flight attendant training two weeks ago, and since then my whole world has been a complete whirlwind. My mind felt so full of knowledge on that last day of training that I thought it would explode into bits and pieces of airplane shrapnel. Luckily for you my mind is still intact, mostly anyway, and I can tell you about some valuable life lessons I have learned since training:

1) Not ALL hotel breakfasts are free, Honey: So you better think twice before you walk your little butt down to the hotel lobby and fix yourself a little bowl of Raisin Bran and a plate of fruit, because worst case scenario you could be sitting there mid-bite into a slice of pineapple when the concierge saunters up and asks you for your meal ticket. Believe me… you don’t want to be the person who sits there sheepishly wondering if you had simply imagined the words “free continental breakfast” at check in.
2) Mashed potatoes and whipped cream. Yeah. Not the same thing: When you are in the airplane galley with no board bill, or even in your own kitchen with no recipe, DO NOT assume. Don’t pop anything white and creamy, or anything that has the uncanny resemblance to mashed potatoes into the oven until you know that it’s mashed potatoes. Otherwise, you will end up with a liquid version of crème brulee when all you really wanted to make was a side for the chicken. Yeahh no.
3) Don’t sell yourself short. Mistakes happen: The absolute greatest thing about life is that it’s all trial and error. You can pay a huge chunk of your daily paycheck for a slice (literally a SLICE. I am still slightly bitter) of pineapple, or even mistake one very fluffy bowl of whipped cream for mashed potatoes, and life goes on. In fact, it’s even better than it was before, because your ego maybe a little shot, but you learned. I know I did, and I am prepared to make a number of more mistakes just so I can say, “Hey, I won’t ever do that again.” Well… maybe;) I am still learning!!!

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