The Painted Bungalow: Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello Lovelies,

It has been quite the whirlwind year for me. I have been managing life precariously, juggling going back to work with the airline, planning my wedding, and house hunting in Spartanburg, South Carolina, among MANY other things. To be quite honest I have been working my little tail off… As it turns out your girl is pretty high maintenance when it comes to weddings… go figure. Every time I finish a project I seem to have another idea. To be honest, I have been so non-stop busy that writing has been pretty much pushed to the back of my never ending list. Until now.

I finally, FINALLY, found a few days in my schedule for rest and recuperation, so I flew myself right on down to the sunshine state. Yesterday, I made straight for the beach and proceeded to get burnt to an actual crisp. Typical for me I assure you. I promise I put on sunscreen but believe me… if you saw me right now you wouldn’t believe it. I am as red as a flaming hot Cheeto and quite as spicy I am sure. Just me, sitting here on my bum in a cocoon of all-natural aloe, forced to take a moment to slow down from my million miles an hour pace. So I naturally figured it may be time for another beach bungalow reveal. We are finally getting to the end of our renovation y’all, and I have to say I love this house a little bit more every time I step foot in it. 

I am taking a break from social media this month, because, just as the body needs its rest, I think resting the soul is equally as important. It seems to me that the platforms that were once created for the sole purpose of keeping us together, are now pulling us apart with this endless rat race of keeping up with the Joneses. So I personally, am taking a MUCH needed break. So for those of you that stumble upon this post by sheer chance, aka “the Google”, my family and I have spent the past better part of the past two years renovating a tiny Florida bungalow. I will leave the link of the “before” post below – so you can jog your memory on all the gory details. I will also drop a “before” picture *SHUDDER of the master bedroom below. Try not to faint from undue exposure to that blue curtain panel…

Before or Beware… It’s your choice

The tiny beach house was bug-ridden, musty, and veering on the side of dark and dingy when we first purchased it. If you have been following this little blog of mine you have seen the transformation every step of the way – from dark and dreary to a bright, airy, little Florida jewel. If you are a first-timer… welcome to the party. The other renovation links are posted below so you can catch right on up!

The master bedroom was one of the last rooms that we finished. The house has a very small footprint, just over 600 square feet in total, so every choice had to be strategically made with size in mind. Everything was so dark when we first purchased the house, especially the bedrooms, so my first task at hand was to BRIGHTEN and LIVEN. So I chose a very light paint, Sherwin Williams Eider White (SW 7014). It is white with a hint of a dove gray to it. That immediately made a world of difference in making the room at least appear to be larger. I chose to go a little bit more neutral in this room with the main pop of color being the King-sized upholstered headboard from Birch Lane. This particular headboard is no longer available but I will put an alternative purchasing link in the photo below. Just double click! It reminded me of a burst of teal sea glass popping out of the sand. Perfect for a beach house and perfect for a good night of sleep. Again, I wanted everything to feel very bright, airy, and cottage-cozy so for bedding we went with all plain white.

It was all cosmetic in this room, and with a few coats of paint, a new flush mount Echo Bluff Hunter ceiling fan (linked in next photo), and a quick change of those dreaded almond-colored outlets, we were finished – except for the fine decor details. We started with the headboard and then worked our way around that. A King-sized bed in a tiny room doesn’t leave much room for furniture, so we had to be purposeful with our other choices to make sure to avoid overwhelming the room. Every room of our little bungalow by the sea had been graced with “something old,” an item that we had restored to its former glory, and this room was no different. We finally found a small antique dresser that would fit perfectly in our space in a Habitat Restore.  We stripped and stained it, and added “new” antique knobs sourced at a local antique store. This might be my favorite piece in the entire house, probably because it was an absolute beast to restore. I smelled like paint stripper for weeks. 

I always think that an antique dresser can and SHOULD be livened up with a fun mirror. The gold one I found at Target, and I immediately knew it was the one because of its striking brass and nautical feel. We have pops of brass throughout the whole house and I wanted to keep the flow going as much as possible in every room. We kept the artwork and the curtains simple and streamline to keep within our “beach cottage feel,” and we finished out the room and maximized our space with the modern bookshelf in the corner. 

The Lamps are Allen & Roth brand from Lowes – Linked in photo. The shade is a fabric drum shade from Allen and Roth

Finally, our master bedroom is complete, and It is the serene tropical oasis that we were hoping for. Tiny – yet still functional. Simple – yet still beautiful. Well, that’s all she wrote folks… I will have another Painted Bungalow reveal for you soon, but we are nearing the end of our Florida renovation so I suppose it will soon be time for me to find another house 😉 Until then… Stay safe ya salty mermaid.


For this One, I Have Prayed.

There was a time when I was a little girl, always a romantic one… I took a number 2 pencil and I scrawled out all of the wishes I had for the man of my dreams. It wasn’t a whole lot really. I think there were four or five things on my list. Just the important stuff: Must be taller than me (not hard to be). Must be good with money. Must make me laugh. Must love Jesus. It was more of a prayer really, and multiple times in my life I remember pulling out that tattered, butterfly-thin sheet and clutching it to my heart – asking God to bring my most intimate prayer to fruition.


The Painted Bungalow: Kitchen Reveal

Well hey, y’all! I am being a true journalist today and I am coming to you from somewhere in the middle of Florida, typing away on our road trip back to my sweet Carolina home. I spent the past week in the Sunshine state applying for more jobs and just enjoying some beach solace. I can’t get enough of that little beach house y’all. There is a quote floatin’ around out there that says, “Love grows best in little houses just like this,” and that just about sums up how I feel about our little piece of paradise.


DIY on a Dime: How to Craft a Christmas Wreath with Supplies from your Local Dollar Tree

Good Morning fellow homebodies. Here we are a week before Thanksgiving and I have already decked about every hall I can get my hands on. Full disclosure: I started right after Halloween. But don’t you worry I only decorated the inside and I have kept my blinds closed tight so the neighbors don’t think I am a total nutter – probably futile at this point ;)… What can I say? I am a freak for the ho-ho. I start early every year but this year I started WAYYY early. Only because, well duh, this year kind of sucks like an old, hair covered lollypop stuck to the bottom of a ripped cushion in a 1978 Pinto – It’s just that bad. So here we all are, stuck in our homes with nothing to do. So what do we do? We paint things, we eat way too many Tollhouse cookies, and we craft! And oh boy DO I HAVE a good craft for you?? So put down the cookie, throw on your sweats, sheath your beautiful face, and head over to the Dollar Tree because that is where you will source 98% of the materials for this DIY Christmas wreath. You can source 100% of the materials there if your little heart desires, but I will explain why I chose not to later on.


When in Tahoe.

Good morning — from the happiest place on earth. I am currently back in the Bluegrass, sipping my pumpkin spice, and watching the leaves fall like embers from the trees. How crazy is it that it is November y’all? This year has been the crappiest, weirdest year known to man and it has still flown by – painfully SLOWLY – if that makes any sense at all.


Worth the Wait.


I saw a sign today that read, “repeat after me: I don’t want what doesn’t want me.” I just stared at that sign for a few minutes, my mind flashing back to all the times where I did exactly that. All the years of painful regret that I spent chasing rainbows that really just turned out to be storm clouds, pulling me into the cyclone, twisting me into a world of hurt. (more…)

The Time to Love.


They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. Which is a good thing I guess since that’s the only thing we have all gotten a glimpse of over the past few months. Fearful, bright eyes widening at the sight of you passing them in the supermarket, crossing their path in an airport bathroom, or side stepping them on the sidewalk. And then it’s gone. The moment of eye contact is suddenly gone as the other person quickly looks down, intentionally planning their path to get as far away from YOU as possible. The path to safety. The path away from fear. The path away from uncertainty. (more…)

The Painted Bungalow: Bedroom Reveal

Untitled Design

Hey there y’all! How about we have a show of hands of those of you who are just consistently overwhelmed right now… I honestly am at a point where I just don’t know what to believe. I don’t know what to take as a fact or what to take as a falsehood, and truly, that scares me more than any virus ever could. I have so much information coming at me from every direction. Wear a mask – Don’t wear a mask – Social Distance – Social Distancing will ruin your immunity – and so on and so on. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the answers people. (more…)

Creamy Guilt-Free Fruit Salad


Good Morning from my little Carolina home to yours. I am currently having my breakfast – at the shameful hour of noon because aside from everything else, the Coronavirus has robbed me of my ability to sleep like a normal human. I am counting my blessings though because even in this time of uncertainty I still have my family (a safe distance of 400 miles away), this cozy little house to isolate in, and SO much love. That’s one thing in life that can never be taken from you ladies and gents… Love will always make the world go round’ So make sure you spread a little bit this week because now is a time where people really need it. (more…)



“Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history.”- Mary Roach

I don’t really know how to breathe right now, because I know someone whom I once cared about so deeply is no longer breathing. I stopped the moment that I saw the post… “Two NC-based Marines killed in Iraq.” How quickly that sentence plunged a knife into my chest, as I gasped for air, staring into that pair of serious dark eyes that I had gotten to know so well. (more…)